The Pros Lament: Apple WWDC 2012

Oh Joy to the Apple Faithful, today was time for my usual “Apple Day” Ritual, which involves going into an information black out and fervently waiting for a spoiler-free video stream of the keynote to be posted to  I’ve been doing this ritual for a long time and I have learned that The Steve Giveth and The Steve Taketh away.  This is Apple’s nature, and while I recognize it’s for the best to push forward and clear out the decaying and dead, I sometimes still have to take time to mourn.

Today I want to eulogize my beloved Macbook Pro 17 inch.  This was their baby.  And they just killed it.  I’m typing this now from a 2010 17-incher I affectionally call Big Lappy.  It’s huge, it’s heavy, it might even give me back pain, but I take it everywhere, I throw it in my backpack and ride around town on my bike.  I use it like other people use a macbook air (on couches, in bed, while eating), only I do it all better.  Why is it better?  Because I can watch movies in full 1080p and the screen is so big and bright it’s better than any HDTV, especially when i keep it close to my face.   For ADHD multi-taskers, I can watch the Daily Show and read my endless stream of blog feeds AT THE SAME TIME!.  Try that, and fail, on your 11inch-macbook air.

But most importantly having a large screen makes doing the kind of work I do, video editing and motion graphics, not just possible but pleasant.  The more screen real-estate = better access to tools = a better way to get things done.  For pros being able to have the screen real estate to have two application on the same screen without compromise is a must.  (And no I don’t want to have to use an external monitor to get the same effect, I do prize portability).

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