What Apple should do with all its money.

Quarterly earnings report after quarterly earnings report Apple is making so many billions of dollars in profit it has no idea what to do with it.  They basically have the reverse problem of every government on this planet these days, what to do with all these damn billions of dollars laying around.  Once you swim Scrooge Mcduck style through it, what do you do with mile high wads of cash?  Well besides hiring some employees so their products actually work well (I’m looking at you Apple Motion the most bug prone piece of software apple has ever released and the apple Podcast app), I have a suggestion that will not only help their future bottom line even further, but might help the world at the same time.

There is a crisis in the the United States, and it is only getting worse over time, and it might be the most important crisis the united states needs to address.  Unfortunately the US government isn’t agile enough to breakthrough political gridlock and actually do what’s necessary.  Maybe Apple can help, and maybe they should take it on as a moral imperative to go above and beyond to do what they can.

I propose apple should:

•Start an extensive R & D lab to design the classroom of the future.

•Make free teacher training sites across the country to implement the best practices learned from the R & D

•Make a fund to help provide the poorest schools with technology and training. Continue reading