How Apple TV could transform the living room and why it will fail to do so.

Apple_TV_2nd_GenerationThe Apple TV is a good product.  Airplay and screen mirroring are fantastic features.
But it could be a great product, it could take over the living rooms of many houses, but it probably won’t.  There have been rumors that an enhanced apple TV or an actual Apple branded television will be released in 2014.  The biggest potential for either of these products will be a third app store to go along with the iOS app store and the Mac app store.

The Apple TV app store could be a gamer paradise, an easy way for developers to publish amazing and innovative games without the gatekeepers of Nintendo,  Microsoft, Sony, or even Steam.  This open playing ground could revolutionize living room gaming the same way the iOS  revolutionized portable gaming.  But there are three things Apple will need to take the gaming market by storm:

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