Top Fifteen Best Most 90’s Albums

Since retro nostalgia goes in about a 20 year time cycle (the time it takes a generation to move from tender impressionistic teenage years to being the dominant workers and consumers in a culture) right now the 90s are big and will probably stay big within our backwards directed (non)culture for awhile.  So to add fuel to the 90s retro pyre, I will now make a list of my favorite nineties albums, because that’s what was truly important back then – sitting around and listening to whole albums.  Sadly I can’t remember the last time I just sat down and just listened to a whole ‘Long Player’ the whole way through while not doing anything else, but back when I did these were the albums that mattered to a midwest kid living in a sonic cocoon made out of college radio (KJHK!) brit pop hype(NME!) and music reviews in magazines(EW!) Continue reading