Your guide to a better techpocalypse!

So there’s two main technological trends that we need to be aware of during our lifetimes.

1. Robots.  The industrial revolution is far from over, and robots will soon be doing most of the traditional labor market jobs.
2. Virtual Reality.  The computer revolution is far from over, and soon virtual reality 2.0 will lead us to create a parallel world that will take over many many people’s lives.

I’m serious this will happen in the next 20 years.  This will affect your life.  It’s not far off Sci-Fi.  It’s happening now and it will be completely normal by 2030.

Now these can sound like frightful things, but I believe these developments could actually complement each other,  and perhaps help alleviate some of the world’s mounting problems.

I will talk about this in three parts:
Part 1 – The Rise of the Robots
Part 2 – The Virtual World, for real this time
Part 3 – How VR & the Robots might save us

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