10 Tricks for Actual Self Improvement

I have spent the last year working on working on myself.  It turns out that changing yourself is hard.  I would love to pretend I am some superior life hacker übermensch, but in fact I probably suck way more at life than you.  That is why I needed to find real solutions that worked to actually make me productive.  While I still struggle with being disciplined about all the many ways i would like to improve my behavior,  there are some tricks I have found that have worked for me.  Here is what has worked for someone who is just as lazy, ADHD-addled, and confused as anyone you know.

1. Habits > Resolutions
2. Small Successful Steps > Big Arduous Leaps
3. Make Positive Changes Enjoyable
4. Start Your Day on the Right Note : My Hour of Power
5. Write Stuff Down, Especially Your 5 Daily Goals
6. Give Yourself Points – My Glorious Spreadsheet of Being More Awesome
7. Mono-tasking and Timers
8. Environment & Visibility
9. Monthly Personal Goals
10. Evaluate the Objective Good

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