Political Rant: Reality has been Trumped / The Republican Party is no longer a Presidential Party

I hope you’ll excuse a little outburst of written citizenry.  Political speech is my right after all, but I also grow INCREDIBLY weary of how political discourse has become hyper-sensationalized in this era.  It has gotten to the point where sensible people should want to tune out of politics, which is a shame because I truly believe all citizens should be informed… but it’s gotten really really terrible now.  Keeping up to date on what’s being reported about politics these days will actually give you less useful understanding of the world.*  In fact this election year I’ve chosen to leave the world behind and move to Big Sur and just be with the waves and the otters and seaweed.  And let me tell you, it feels great being oblivious right now.

Our Entertainment Industry around the beginning of this millennium started taking a turn towards “Reality” with the rise of Reality TV and more cable channels that needed cheap shows to fill their hours.  Alongside this trajectory, the News Industry has started taking a similar turn towards “Entertainment” where news has used the tools of reality TV = musical cues, heroes and villains, selected soundbites to inflate drama, and most importantly the constant emotional tone of outrage, to keep viewers glued to the advertising breaks.  And now in 2016 we have reached the point where News and Entertainment have conjoined into a disgusting misshaped twin-baby that just keeps crapping into its own mouth.

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