Political Rant: Reality has been Trumped / The Republican Party is no longer a Presidential Party

I hope you’ll excuse a little outburst of written citizenry.  Political speech is my right after all, but I also grow INCREDIBLY weary of how political discourse has become hyper-sensationalized in this era.  It has gotten to the point where sensible people should want to tune out of politics, which is a shame because I truly believe all citizens should be informed… but it’s gotten really really terrible now.  Keeping up to date on what’s being reported about politics these days will actually give you less useful understanding of the world.*  In fact this election year I’ve chosen to leave the world behind and move to Big Sur and just be with the waves and the otters and seaweed.  And let me tell you, it feels great being oblivious right now.

Our Entertainment Industry around the beginning of this millennium started taking a turn towards “Reality” with the rise of Reality TV and more cable channels that needed cheap shows to fill their hours.  Alongside this trajectory, the News Industry has started taking a similar turn towards “Entertainment” where news has used the tools of reality TV = musical cues, heroes and villains, selected soundbites to inflate drama, and most importantly the constant emotional tone of outrage, to keep viewers glued to the advertising breaks.  And now in 2016 we have reached the point where News and Entertainment have conjoined into a disgusting misshaped twin-baby that just keeps crapping into its own mouth.

If you were to watch the news right now, you would think the most important thing going on in the world is what bitchy things Republican presidential candidates are saying about each other.  This is news as a constant reality show.  And it’s no surprise who is winning, the guy with the most Reality Show training: Trump.  He’s got all the eye balls, all the retweets, all the news articles (even respected sources like the New York Times can’t shut about him, usually writing pieces like this: using him as a lens to try to make sense of the senseless world, but really just using his name to get more people to read their Op-Ed pieces).  But thing is: Trump will never win. And any sensible person who can think for a second will know this to be true.  But Trump isn’t actually running for president of the United States.  He’s running for President of Reality TV, and he will take that throne easily.  It’s a great job – The Election cycle never ends, and he’ll spin this whole thing out into an amazing new season of The Apprentice, before he’s gets going on the Trump 2020 show (which he will also never win).

After next election, we will look back at the last three years of election news and wonder, why the hell did we pay so much attention to people who didn’t matter at all.  Were we drunk?  Yes, we were a drunk nation, who binged on BS and had no idea what was going on.  Admit it: We’ve all been sucked into this dumb horse race, it can be entertaining with the crazy sound bytes, the resultant cat memes, and the Facebook outrage, but really it’s all been time not well spent.  We could have all done better things with the hours and days we’ve spent paying attention to these historically inconsequential figures who didn’t get the Republican nomination.

Here’s what I believe (and I think in the future history will back me up):  The Republican Party is no longer a presidential party.  And what we are witnessing now, are the ugly death rattles, as this long standing institution faces its self-created demise.  The demographics just aren’t there for the Republicans to ever win the presidency again.  They are too alienating to far too many groups to get the numbers.  From now on there isn’t enough old white straight christian rich men to get the numbers they need to win a presidency.  And the Republicans deep down know this is true.  That’s why they’re trying to cheat.  Putting forth as many new voting laws as they can to limit the amount of unfavorable demographics that can vote.  But it won’t be enough.  They’ll probably also try to cheat with voting machines and other shitty phone-bot misinformation tactics.  But it won’t be enough.  Our voting system is too complex and spread out far too wide from state to state to easy steal or cheat the whole thing.  So if people vote, there’s no chance the republicans will ever get another president in this country.  They don’t have the demographics and it will keep getting worse for them.  They don’t have the women. they don’t have the blacks, the latinos, the gays, the young, the scientific techies, the a-religious, the educated, the asians, the arabs, the sensible.  The math won’t work for them ever again.

Now the republican party is not going away any time soon.  They will still have a strong hold in the Midwest and The South for another good two decades or so.  Which means they will also have sway in congress for another two decades or so.  But we can really stop paying so much attention to them when it comes to the presidential race. We just don’t have the perspective on this now, because we are looking at the world as it’s reported to us, which is reporting it as it’s always done, through a lens of two warring equals who deserve equal time and their ideals equal attention.  But they are no longer equal and they won’t be again, and I hope we stop this terrible show.   I pray.

In the future when it comes to presidential politics, the question won’t be republican or democrat, but over the soul of the democratic party.  We are actually already in the time where this is the real question, but if you pay attention to the news, you won’t realize it.  Just wait till November, you’ll see all this time was wasted.

So here’s the part where I tell you to vote:  VOTE.

P.S. Okay that done, i want to clarify that the republicans don’t have the demographics, IF people vote.  We all need to primary, we all need to vote.  If you think voting doesn’t matter, you are a moron.  Local elections effect your town.  State elections change your local livelihoods, and national elections won by a Republican or a Democrat make a big difference.  Please for the love of god vote for the lesser evil.  It’s not hard.  It’s actually kinda fun, you get a sticker.

*Make no mistake, I still read the news like a junky though.  I read the NYTimes and watch german news for a more sober international perspective.

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