Impeach for the Planet: Or why I support Democrats being as bad as Newt Gingrich

There was a time I thought it was important to be the nobler of the two political parties. To make good show of not sinking to the lowest level for the honor of America. But that was before things got truly serious. Like I might die serious. We can’t worry about decorum of our nation, when survival of the planet is at stake.
With climate change at our door step (and when we should have made decisive action about it decades ago), we are now in the timeline where it’s almost too late, and doing the right thing might not look like we want it.
Doing the right thing will involve playing the hardest of hard ball, and not letting kindgergarten morals stop us from doing what needs to be done to save our children and grandchildren. I am a father now, and I have to be pragmatic for my son’s sake. The pragmatic thing is to attack hard and fast.
A day after the midterm elections, democrats are playing the softest of softball: already the new democratic leadership is signaling they won’t impeach, it’s not good politics to upset potential voters.  The democrats need to stop worrying about the next election, and start worrying about the lives of all the future people on this planet
A day after the midterm elections, republicans are playing the hardest of hard ball, firing Jeff Sessions so any potential threat from Mueller can be negated. This is full out naked attack on the possibility of justice, and we’ll let Donny get away with it again.  No one will truly fight with the mad King, because they don’t want to be seen “as bad at the Mad King.” It’s time to take the mad King down, it’s time to fight with everything we got, it’s time to not hold back.

Any day since he’s been in office, if he was under oath, Donny could be impeached for the same reason Clinton was unfairly impeached by hard ball playing, morals-be-damned Newt Gingrich hit squad = lying under oath.  And the case for impeaching Trump is a million times greater than Monica’s sucking a peen, Trump’s out to destroy the two things we need to save the planet – The United Nations and Environmental Protection

Now is the time.  Only now.  Fight for us democrats, please, you’re our only hope.

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